Wellness Trainings

Wherever your business is located
our custom trainings come to you

Our custom wellness trainings offer wide array interactive learning experiences, from team building to leadership development.
Each training is built from the ground up for your team’s specific needs. Whether you are looking for a single-day intensive, a one-hour workshop, or a multi-day retreat, we'll craft the curriculum to match your learning objectives.


Learning Objectives

Interested in leveling up your team? This Leadership + HR Development is designed to help professionals improve and apply emotional intelligence tools in and out of the office.


Our Leadership and HR trainings help professionals understand and apply the leading competencies and research in positive psychology, organizational behavior, and wellbeing on an organizational scale.

Topics include:

  • Vision & Values Workshops

  • Collaborative Resilience

  • Mindful Leadership Training

  • Emerging Leadership Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Culture-Driven Wellbeing

Lead the pack through Emotional Intelligence. Learn to cultivate skills  in mindfulness, mindful communication, resilience, boundary setting, empathy & compassion and growth mindset.


The mental health and emotional intelligence of teams are crucial for organizational success. Our emotional intelligence trainings can be customized for any group to cultivate skills in the following areas:

  • Mindfulness

  • Mindful Communication

  • Resilience

  • Boundary Setting

  • Empathy & Compassion

  • Growth Mindset

Need space outside of the office to generate fresh perspectives and welcome inspiration? Retreats are a productive way to get the entire team out of any emotional blocks, which offer the space to problem solve and think creatively.

wellness And Retreats

If you’re interested in an off-site retreat or wellness experience to foster team building and happiness within your organization, we’ll help you plan and implement it from start to finish. Experiences include, but aren’t limited to:

  • All-Levels Meditation

  • Team Building in Nature

  • Nutrition and Cooking Experiences

  • Brewery Tours & Mindful Beer Tasting

  • Team Days/Color Days/Field Days

  • City-Wide “Community Crawls”


Ready for your custom training or retreat?



Q: How long is a corporate training?

A: Our trainings range in length from one hour to multi-week. Depending on your needs, we’ll adjust accordingly.

Q: Where are trainings held?

A: All of our corporate trainings are mobile. They can be held at your location, or we can help you find an off-site location thats fits your needs, interests, and budget.

Q: Are your trainings available nationwide?

A: Not just nationwide, but worldwide. Our trainings are one way we make our services available to clients anywhere. Even online!

Q: Do you do online trainings?

A: Yes. Custom learning courses and webinar-based trainings are available.

Q: I have a really cool idea for a retreat — can you help me bring it to life?

A: YES! Our favorite way to work with clients is to help them make their ideas a reality. Whether you’re looking for a blind whiskey tasting, a custom leadership training for new hires, or a 3 day silent mindfulness retreat, we’ll help you make it happen.