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By checking the box below, I am opting out of the On the Goga Photo Release found on the On the Goga Wellness Portal. This means that I understand that On the Goga will use its best efforts to exclude me from any photos, videos, or other audio-visual recordings taken at any and all On the Goga events that I attend. If, despite their best efforts, On the Goga uses an image, video, or other recording of me, I have the right to request that the image, video, or other recording of me be removed. On the Goga agrees to accomodate my request to the best of their ability. I understand that the only way to fully eliminate any and all possibility of a photo, video or other auto-visual recording of me being used by OTG, is to choose not to participate in OTG events where audio-visual recording will occur. This opt-out will become effective on 'Today's Date' as listed above in this form, and remain in effect for 365 days.