Our Story

What began as a mobile wellness studio has grown into a multi-faceted corporate wellness company championing company cultures that promote purpose and happiness. As we've grown, one thing has never changed: our passion.

We believe that wellness is the cornerstone for professional, organizational, and personal development. We believe that anyone can cultivate a lifestyle of wellness that matches their unique values. We also believe that there is only one way to cultivate enduring habits of wellness: Practice. That's why all of our programs are designed to teach relatable, real-world skills that can be instantly implemented into an individual and organization's daily routine. 


Our Mission

To create culture-driven wellness programs that drive innovation through personal development.

Our Guiding Principle

Happy People Do Great Things.

Our Core Values

  • Practice Your Practice

  • Start Small

  • Build Trust Through Honesty

  • Create Wonderful Experience


We Believe Wellness Can Be


Wellness programs are built around our 5 pillars of wellness: physical, emotional, community, financial, and environmental (derived from the Gallup Well-Being Index). We combine these pillars to create programs that meet the unique needs and interest of your team.

We also provide our clients with the support to run their programs seamlessly, with Internal Marketing Materials, Monthly Newsletters, Surveying, Photo & Video Recruiting Kits, and more.


Each wellness program is designed just for you. We build a comprehensive profile of your vision, values, people, and goals. Whether you're looking for yoga and mindfulness to lower stress or catering and community events to boost recruitment, we'll craft the program that meets your needs.


Wellness should be part of your culture. We help you to reap the full benefits of a healthy, happy workforce by encouraging small, cultural shifts. Our process helps your team learn how to shift their thinking to support a culture of health and happiness.


Wellness programs delivered to your team. The most important part of a wellness program is engaging, consistent, and high quality programming. We take the stress off your plate by serving as a one-stop-shop vendor for wellness. If we don't have what you need, we'll concierge it for you.


Wellness is built on community. As a proud Philadelphia-based company, we bring together the region's top wellness professionals, coaches, and vendors to provide the best quality services and resources for your team.