Wellness Workshops


The 5 Pillars of Wellness

Physical Fitness | Emotional Wellbeing | Community Support |
Financial Security | Environmental Health

Our memberships are built around on-site programming. Each take a 5 pillar approach to wellness, rooted in the leading research in organizational behavior, positive psychology, and wellbeing. The 5 pillars are derived and adapted from a body of research called the Gallup-Sharecare Wellbeing Index.

When individuals thrive in 4 of 5 of these categories, happiness, performance, adaptability, and even employee loyalty improve.



From Ideas to Experience

We understand that wellness and learning are based on experiences. That’s why our memberships focus on creating enjoyable, relatable, and educational experiences form your team that teach skills across all 5 pillars. Workshops are led by our team of industry experts, and include the following topics…

Physical Fitness

  • Desk and Mat Yoga

  • Fitness Classes

  • Functional Movement

  • Ergonomics & Posture

  • Mindful Nutrition

  • On-Site Cooking Demos

  • Chair Massage

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Practical Mindfulness Workshops

  • Life Skills Training

  • Mindfulness Happy Hours

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Mindfulness Walks

  • Self-Care Workshops

  • Conflict Resolution & Boundary Setting

Community Support

Financial Security

  • Money Mindset workshops 

  • Budget Happy Workshops

  • Home Buying 101

  • Financial Coaching

  • Financial Planning Workshops

Environmental Health

  • Outdoor Yoga & Meditation

  • DIY Decor & Craft Events

  • Space Design

  • Nature Retreats

  • Sustainability Classes


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