The wellness Membership

How it Works

Your one-stop-shop for innovative wellness.
At every level of our corporate wellness memberships, On the Goga supports every step of implementation, integration, and management so you can focus on the other parts of your organization.


Getting Started

Schedule a consult with a program developer to discuss the preliminary next steps to get your corporate wellness program rolling.


Set up a complementary phone consult with our Program Developer by calling (267) 277-3063 or clicking the button.

Take advantage of the free consult to discuss your needs with our experienced program developer. They will point you in the right direction based on your desires and goals as well as plan next steps.


During the conversation, we’ll get to know you, and you’ll get to know us. After understanding and assessing your needs, we’ll recommend the program that best fits your budget and goals.

See your program fleshed out in detail. Share the proposal with the rest of your team to discuss next steps.

Custom Proposal

We’ll send you a proposal to take back to your team, and schedule a follow up meeting to discuss next steps.

Excited to begin your program? Sit back and enjoy the on-site wellness workshops brought to you by On the Goga.


Once everyone’s excited to move forward, we’ll send over your agreement to sign.

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The leadership team and program developer will meet to discuss the goals and desires of the wellness program. You’ll experience a virtual walk-through  of the custom portal and logistics of the wellness workshops.

Leadership Think-Tank

The first meeting we’ll have as partners is the Leadership Think-Tank. Your leadership team will meet with your Program Developer to strategize around organizational goals, KPI’s, and logistics. Evolve and Engage clients, you’ll also gain access to your customized portal.

Based on employee collaboration, the kickoff meeting will guide you to understand your team to discuss future programming.

Employee Kickoff & IdeaS

Great programs are built on the ideas of the team. This kickoff session will give us a chance to meet your team, introduce the program and get verbal feedback around what future programming will be the most meaningful. Evolve and Engage clients will also get a portal walkthrough for your team. Food and Adult Beverage Catering Available!

Happy people go great things. The corporate wellness program is ready to launch and the employees will enjoy on-site wellness workshops ranging from mindfulness to nutrition cooking demos.

Program Launch

Programming begins! Here’s where you get to kick back and relax. We’ll handle everything, from implementation to scheduling of events and coaches. As we work together, we’ll seek feedback from your team to improve the program.