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Everything You Need to Know About our Wellness Programs


I’ve never heard of a wellness membership before… what’s It about?

The most innovative and impactful corporate wellbeing programs are part of the DNA of an organization. They’re delivered consistently, they’re full of awesome content, and they’re aligned with the organization’s vision and values. Most importantly, they’re built to make employees feel happy and supported. Our clients get this. They’re innovative organizations who understand that Happy People Do Great Things.

But delivering a wellness program like this takes a lot of time, money, and energy. That’s why we designed our corporate wellness membership: an all-in-one solution to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make offering an amazing wellness program effortless. The membership is fully managed, loaded with amazing workshops, and designed to align seamlessly with your organization’s needs, interests, and values.

If you’ve every thought “I need a wellness program that will make my leadership happy, that employees will actually enjoy and engage with, that doesn't take a lot of my time to implement or manage, and that fits my budget,” then you’re in the perfect place. Schedule a complimentary consult to get started brainstorming.

Do you offer one-time workshops?

While wellness programs have the greatest impact when they’re a regular part of life at work, we have many amazing clients that are working with small wellness budgets, or already have an awesome wellness program that they need to supplement! For you, we’ve created a special single workshop menu full of our most popular classes. Reach out via email or phone to request more info or schedule a class!

What kind of classes do you offer?

You explore our member workshop options here, and our leadership, emotional intelligence, and wellness trainings here. Don't see something you want don’t worry? We can concierge it for you!

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

You bet we do! All non-profits will receive 20% off every program they implement with us. Cause you’re awesome, and we know it. CLAP YOUR HANDS!

Do you offer workshops outside of Philadelphia?

While our Wellness Membership is dedicated to our Philadelphia Region customers, our wellness trainings, consulting services, and retreats are available nationwide! Schedule a complimentary consult to talk with a program developer about your next event!



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