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Vendor Spotlight: wearwell

by Sarabeth Davis


We get excited when research from Columbia University* proves that students perform better when they dress up. You see, we we love helping you feel good and achieve your goals, but we don’t mind helping you look good in the process. 

The goal of our vendor spotlights is to connect you, our awesome readers, with local, mindfully designed companies that make it as easy as possible to live a happier, healthier life. That’s why this month we want to introduce you to wearwell, a local (to Philly), women-owned business that helps you dress to impress. And they don’t stop there: wearwell envisions a shopping experience that makes the world a better place. Their mission is to make it effortless to create a stylish wardrobe based off of brands that value sustainable and equitable practices. 

A one-of-a-kind personal shopping subscription for working women, wearwell tailors clothing to your personal style and values. Professional stylists connect you with conscious brands and populate your closet with “clothes that look good and do good.” 

What is Ethical Shopping?


When you put your money behind brands that make the world better, you engage in ethical shopping. Essentially, it’s an even more fun way to shop, because you not only bring home a gorgeous new pair of jeans, but also build powerful relationships with the people behind the brands. You’ll want to tell everyone about those jeans, because of the inspiring story behind them.  

Unfortunately, when you measure the “fit” of your clothing with an ethical framework, shopping can feel like work. But don’t lose hope. Wearwell handles this dilemma for you by curating a hand-picked selection of ethically-sourced clothes. 

Wearwell only collaborates with brands that have an authentic agenda to make the world a better place and follow fair guidelines (worker safety, worker rights, and sustainable manufacturing practices). Through their personalized shopping experience, you can easily find clothing and accessories made by brands that pay garment workers and artisans living wages and reduce impact on our environment. To learn more, we sat down with founders Emily and Erin and asked where it all began. 

How did Wearwell begin?

In 2013, Emily and Erin were both graduate students at American University when a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1,100 people and injuring 2,500. At the time, the two studied international development and social enterprise. Their studies, coupled with devastation and frustration for the Bangladesh tragedy, fueled a desire to change how people perceived of the fashion industry. They wanted to make ethical shopping a feasible reality for everyone. 

“The future of shopping and customer behavior is changing.”

Emily (left) & Erin (right)

Emily (left) & Erin (right)

As Erin explains, “the future of shopping and customer behavior is changing.” This makes wearwell’s position between the customer and the clothing especially noteworthy. By revolutionizing the way in which beautiful, consciously-sourced clothes arrive in your closet, Emily and Erin found a way to save you time and money without sacrificing your values. 

The duo built wearwell from the ground up, so they understandably experienced a couple hiccups along the way. They laugh as they remember the time when their first shipping boxes got rained on, the tissue paper inside transforming clothes into a watercolor of fabrics. Since then, waterproof boxes deliver customers’ orders, so that people’s personal style and zeal for social impact arrive in tip-top-condition. Rightfully so, Emily and Erin feel proud of the journey that’s led to wearwell’s success and the innovation they drive in the fashion industry.  

Why OTG loves Wearwell:

When asked to share a piece of advice, Emily responded with a lesson that we, too, uphold at OTG. She says, “Pick one thing that makes you excited, one shirt that is organic. And always start small.” Whether you’re new to conscious-fashion-consumption, or it’s a long time concern of yours, you can always approach life with what we call “SPTs:” smallest possible things. SPTs allow you to put one foot in front of the other without feeling overwhelmed by the miles ahead. By taking their business step by step, Emily and Erin approached wearwell in this same manner, a mindset that poised them for future success and opportunities. In terms of ethical shopping, the SPT might literally be an organic cotton T-shirt purchase from wearwell...that translates into a major closet overhaul down the road. 

We want to conclude by highlighting Emily and Erin’s awesome mentality surrounding work. Entrepreneurship is a hustle, but this business duo always ensures time for the practices that benefit their wellbeing, namely therapy, yoga, cooking, and pottery classes. In other words, you can, and should, make room for quiet time and self-care routines. These are the foundations for running a thriving business that have added positive value to Emily and Erin’s personal and professional lives. 

In a few words, Emily and Erin are happy people, pursuing successful careers, dressed in impeccable clothing. So if all else fails, maybe try putting on a cute outfit today? Their formula seems to be working.

Don’t miss out! As a special gift to our readers, wearwell is offering you one month of membership for free (a value of $8.50) when you use the code: ONTHEGOGA

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