What To Do When You Have Too Much To Do


Your to-do list seems endless and your inbox is overwhelming. Maybe you don't know what you're going to eat for lunch, or when you can fit a workout into your day. It all keeps piling up, and it can feel overwhelming. Try not to panic! Instead start practicing these three steps from the Zen Habits blog.


What does this entail? Here are a few strategies to start: 

  • Identify the things that must be done today.
  • Spread the work out over the week by asking yourself "what can wait a day or two longer?"
  • Eliminate what you can. This might mean telling some people that you can’t take on this project after all, or not replying to some less important messages. 

Now you should be able to breathe more easily! Time to pick one task and dive in. 


This might be a super time-sensitive item, or something of importance that you have been putting off. Clear your space and your mind (and your web browser!) to put that one task before you. Don't allow yourself to move on until you're done, or you have made significant progress. 


Schedule some time this week to start reducing your projects, saying no to people, getting out of commitments, crossing stuff off your task list… so that you can have some sanity back.


Go through the rest of the day with an attitude of “mindful focus.” That means that you are doing one thing at a time, being as present as you can, switching as little as you can. You’ll find that you’re not so overloaded, and that each task becomes meant for that moment.

If you are looking on more details for any of these steps, the original article is by Zen Habits and can be found at https://zenhabits.net/too-much/ 

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Anna Greenwald