Our Pillars

On the Goga’s approach to wellness is rooted in 5 foundational pillars adapted from the cutting-edge research of the Gallup-Share Well-Being Index. We use these pillars to create and deliver awesome experiences focused on practical skills and human interaction. For us, quality always comes first, so all programs, workshops, and events are taught by our team of certified or licensed experts, from registered dieticians to licensed chiropractors. 

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Physical Fitness

Includes functional movement, nutrition & on-site cooking demos, chair massage & yoga

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Emotional Well-Being

Includes mindfulness happy hours, self-care sessions

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Financial Security

Includes budgeting, financial coaching, home-buying 101

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Environ-mental Health

Includes nature retreats, outdoor yoga & meditation, community gardening

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Community Support

Includes team-building activities, therapy animals, catered Lunch & Learns