Recipe: PB & J Protein French Toast

Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein French Toast!

Cals: 609 || Pro: 53g || Carb: 83g || Fat 13 g
Total Cook Time: 15-20min



French Toast
- 3 Slices of Whole Wheat Bread
- 1 Egg + 2 Egg Whites
- 2oz Unsweetened Almond Milk
- Cinnamon (to taste)
- Vanilla Extract (1 tsp)
- Salt (dash *optional*)

- 4 Tbsp PB2
- 1 Scoop 365 Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
- 1 Tsp Sour Cherry Preserves (or other kind of Jelly/Jam)
- 1 Banana


  1. Whisk Eggs, Egg Whites, Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Salt in a small bowl until smooth

  2. In a shallow dish, place 3 slices of toast down and cover with egg mixture

  3. Poke holes/turn bread so it fully absorbs egg mixture

  4. Heat a pan or griddle to medium/medium-high heat and spray with cooking spray

  5. Cook French toast for about 3 min on each side

  6. While toast is cooking, combine PB2 and protein powder in a bowl

  7. Slowly add water until the mixture becomes a peanut-butter consistency

  8. Remove toast from griddle

  9. Assemble: spread 1/3 tsp jam, 1/3 mixture of PB2 and slices from 1/3 of the banana on the first slice of bread, stack 2nd and repeat!!

Anna Greenwald