Valentine's Day Yoga #BaeDay

Valentine's Day Yoga #BaeDay

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Private, couples, or mini-party yoga for the perfect valentine's day gift. Heck, grab one for yourself!

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Give the Gift of Yoga

Lets be honest: Bae is #1. So whether you want to gift Bae some personal relaxation and stress relief, a cute couples yoga session, or a mini yoga-party for her and two friends, you're gonna be giving Bae the #1 gift. 

Did we mention that On the Goga comes to you? Bae won't even have to leave the house! *Cue chocolate and dinner waiting at the ready* And yes, we still have a couple spots open for February 14th. What would Bae do?

Complete your purchase and within 24 hours your On the Goga teacher will reach out to you to get all the details for setting up your gifted class!

Note: What in the world is a "Bae"? BAE stands for "Before Anything Else." It's a colloquial term for "Babe," "Darling," "Significant Other," or, most importantly "Valentine." The more you know!