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Philadelphia, PA

On the Goga brings you yoga where you need it, when you need it. Private yoga, semi private yoga, small group yoga, yoga parties, and corporate yoga. Currently serving the greater Philadelphia area.


Design Your Own Wellness Program

“Sophisticated companies are thinking beyond physical health to issues of emotional and mental health, financial security, social connectedness and job satisfaction. The well-being approach is more personalized.” - LuAnn Heinen, VP Corporate Wellness, National Business Group on Health

Mix and match our on-site services to create a wellness program that works for your team. Try a single class or build your perfect year-long program.



Learn to practice mindfulness while having a drink with your coworkers. This workshop combines mindfulness and team building, and is a great way to present mindfulness to a new group.

Mindfulness Meditation

Your team will learn deep breathing and focusing techniques that lower stress, boost productivity, and work towards higher overall happiness. Based in the leading research in mindfulness based stress reduction.

Mindfulness Workshops

Focus on specific mindfulness skills based on your team's needs and interests. From the creativity-boosting to the stress-reducing, your team will learn how to integrate these skills directly into their workday.


Get your team outside and experience the stress-reducing effects of nature coupled with gentle exercise. Learn the practices of mindful movement and awareness in an accessible, relaxing way. This class can meet outside the office, or off-site at one of Philadelphia's many beautiful parks or hiking trails.

Yoga and Movement


Start Slow. Your instructor will deliver this class to your team right from their chairs. Each class features a guided mindfulness meditation and basic stretches to relieve chronic stressors and pains from your team's workday.

Class Length: 15-30 Min
Clothing Type: Work Clothes
Physicality Level: Low
Equipment Needed: Chair



Relieve physical and mental stress any time of the day. This mat-based moving meditation gently relieves physical and mental tension through muscle release, mindfulness exercises and deep breathing techniques.

Class Length: 30-60 Min
Clothing Type: Athletic Clothing
Physicality Level: Low-Medium
Equipment Needed: Mats (Can be Provided)


Our signature, all-levels Goga class. This class connects breath and movement, focusing on stability training, muscular release, and physical and emotional mindfulness. Relax, recharge, and build resilience.

Class Length: 45-60 Min
Clothing Type: Athletic Clothing
Physicality Level: Medium
Equipment: Mats (Can be Provided)


Our most active Goga class. Your team will de-stress as they work through physical and mental challenges. This full-body mat-based class is perfect for a group looking to add a bit more of a "workout" to their mindfulness class.

Class Length: 45-60 Min
Clothing Type: Athletic (Moisture Wicking) Clothing
Physicality Level: Medium-High
Equipment: Mats (Can be Provided)


Combat long hours of sitting, lifting, standing, or slouching by learning how the anatomy of the human body can be supported through gentle movement. Each workshop is based on your team's unique environment.

Examples: Yoga for Desk Workers, Yoga for Nurses, Yoga for Maintenance Workers
Class Length, Space Requirements & Equipment: Customized


Nutrition workshops and cooking demos for companies in philadelphia, pa

Nutrition Classes

Learn the science behind how food shapes physical and emotional happiness. Each class focuses on easy habits that help shape healthier, happier relationships to food. No kale or juicing required.

Cooking Demos

Don't give your team a fish -- teach them how to cook it in a chipotle-rubbed salmon taco. Our on-site food demos make healthy cooking (and eating) realistic and delicious, even for the busiest people.

Financial Wellness - Coming soon

THe Basics Of
Financial Wellness

Financial ValueS

Budgeting for
Stress Reduction

basic financial wellness and mindful money calsses in philadeplphia pa for wellness programs

Program development


The best wellness programs are designed with the help of the people they're created for. Find out what types of wellness program your team is most interested in, and use your data to craft the most successful program possible.


Find out what your team has to say about wellness. Find out their interests, needs, and questions about how wellness can work for them. These facilitated conversations are designed to help open channels of communication between employees and management.

leadership consults

Truly successful wellness programs are lead from the top. Sit down with an On the Goga program developer and craft a wellness program of your own. We act as thinking partners to ensure that your wellness program is designed for success and aligned with your vision, values, and mission.