Return of Investment on Corporate Wellness Programs


How Corporate Mindfulness Affects Your Business' Bottom Line

"What are the benefits of corporate mindfulness?"

By this time you can't be a part of the corporate world without hearing the latest buzzword: Mindfulness. It's creeping into the workplace everywhere, from the more obvious places (Google, and Virgin) to the much less obvious (think Shell Oil company's rig URSA in the Gulf of Mexico). Breathing exercises sound nice, and who doesn't want to take a break to go on a walking meditation during the day, but how can all this mindfulness mumbo-jumbo actually benefit the bottom line of your company? Check out this infographic from one of On the Goga's Corporate Wellness Presentations given at Drexel University's Baiada School for Entrepreneurship:

From On the Goga's Presentation: 'Mindfulness for the Entrepreneur'

Yep. You're reading that right. Companies that reported a higher sense of purpose resulted in a capacity to outperform the competition by 400% between heightened innovation, retention, sales, and productivity and less burnout, sick days and turnover. 

Still not convinced? Let's go back to those Oil Rig workers at Shell. These rough and tumble guys are pretty much the opposite of what you might expect from a typical class of yogi's. After a complete mindfulness program where these grin-and-bear-it style men talked about their feelings (and maybe even cried), Shell's accident rate went down 84% (NPR). According to the Harvard Business Review, the number of barrels, efficiency and reliability at Shell exceeded the industry benchmarks in that same year (NPR).

Anyone can practice mindfulness. And anyone can benefit from it. Find out how to bring mindfulness to your company here...

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